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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Passion Fashion

Lambchops (that's code for I'm in a tender loving mood)....we had so much fun at the City of Eugene Fashion Show.  Thanks powers that be, it was really fun. There's Laurel & Jamie, our on site stylists and personal shoppers who helped all our models get ready (which consisted mostly of proffering glasses of champagne and telling them how awesome they looked)....but seriously, these two really brought their A game.

And then some of our brave shopgirls took to the runway.....Deidre went flamenco, wearing Navone and Iron Oxide jewelry with flowers in her hair!

Chelsea rocking some Johnny Was and this awesome Bolivian ceremonial jacket (that you must be uber tiny to wear, but it's really a thing of beauty )....a little bit of lace, a little bit of fringe.....

 And our little flowerchild Laura with her feverfew crown and sweet smile all wrapped up in her Pendleton blanket.  Hope we get some more good photos to show you.

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