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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Greetings from Passionflower Design

Back to blog world after some laptop problems and a short trip to Breitenbush Hot Springs.

Just in time to share my Little Halloween song with you. Feel free to hum along.....

"Who are the witches?"

"Where do they come from?"

"Maybe your great-great grandmother was one."

"Witches are wise, wise women, they say.."

"...and there's a little witch in every woman today!"

Happy Halloween from all of us at Passionflower!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autism Rocks - an Art Show at Passionflower Design

It was about one year ago that the folks from Kindtree approached us about having an art show in our upstairs space. At that time, it was glorified storage and we thought, "Why Not?". One year later and here they are - the featured artists Stephen Peeler & Mary Minn Sirag - both Stephen & Mary have autism. I don't know much about autism but after seeing the show, I can venture some guesses..........Because despite their stylistic differences, I think Stephen & Mary's works both share some qualities.

One is an almost horror vacuii - (translated from the Latin this means fear of empty spaces) -
the show is more installation than gallery. They worked among all our beds and pillows and chairs and I heard a little tap, tap, tap going all morning. The space is now more or less, wall to wall art. I love it.
Above is a diptych of Mary's. It's a beautiful pen and ink drawing of a lichen.

And these were my favorite pieces in the show - the etch a sketch drawings.

My first impulse was to protect them......they were so ephemeral and fragile and yet there is a huge level of concentration and the ability to be managing a couple of different things at the same time.

Here's Stephen's masterpiece - Serial Killers and Mass Murderers - this is a fairly large piece done in graphite pencil. Again, an almost obsessive concentration is visible.

Remember him?

I love the font he's using.

And here's a colored pencil piece of Stephen's. It's not really my subject matter and I can't really relate but I can admire the pencil work.......
It's been really fun for us having this show upstairs.

And even more fun for the artists are these little orange dots which mean sold. They sold 9 pieces during the show opening!!!!! Good for them. The show will be up through the end of October. And click here to find out more about Kindtree - an organization that supports people with autism. They represent the work of almost 40 artists, sell original work, and also sell holiday cards.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The World Through a Microscope

These phtos came courtesty the Nikon Photomicrography Competition .

Using a Microscope to See the World

I'm going to make a habit of giving myself time to aimlessly search the web for inspiration. Aimless is the key word here. Here's some photos from the Nikon Photomicrography Competiton


Fly Larva

and Carrot Seeds

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Dusty Floral Palette for Your Wedding

One of our favorite weddings the summer of 2009.

Dusty tones and whimsical notes.

And a flighty little corsage to match.

Holiday Jewelry Finds a New Home

Here I am sometime in July putting my Susan Goodwin holiday order together. I've purposely been buying a little too much jewelry. Well....too much to fit into the cases we have.

The holidays are coming and we needed a spot to house all the overflow.

Lo and behold this 20 drawer beauty became available. Becky stayed late one night and worked her magic.

She used discontinued curtain samples and packaging material and a little of this and a little of that.

Everything took on it's own little glow.

Here's a beautiful drawer of big jewelry - (from left to right) - two young Korean kids were selling mostly leather handbags and Becky found this piece of jewelry amongst the bags....can't remember their name, Two's company compass necklace, African Yoruba granulated beads with Ethiopian wedding ring pendant, Potluck Paris Necklace, More Quirky Korean Kids jewelry, and tucked up in the corner long necklace of tourmaline and Yoruba beads.

A Jewel Box of Treasures.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Passion Fashion - Gloves & More

Here's a young customer having fun with some wool and cashmere ruffle gloves from Echo -
Winter's coming..

And the talented artist Mary Minn Sirag sported this knockout combination at her art opening last Friday evening at Passionflower .

I am kicking myself for failing to get a photo of the back of this jacket. It was ethnic - Afghan or Turkish maybe - big bold diamond patterns. And the butterfly applique shirt is something a friend of her mother's made in the 60's.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Funeral Flowers For Our First Citizen

At Passionflower we get hundreds of request for donations. I was particularly intrigued by one from the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association. They were having a birthday celebration for one of Eugene's founding fathers, Eugene Skinner - see his gravestone below. Okay flowers for someone who was born 200 years ago. I can swing with that. Sounded fun.
I love wreaths for funerals (and weddings) - something about the circle of life. Sedum, green oak leaves, hydrangea, zinnias, and metallina roses - mossy branches, purple majesty millet

and a lone crow on top. My bookeeper sent me these photos from her phone.