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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Passionflower's Show for the Season of Love

I missed the opening of The Objects of Desire Show last year because I was out of town. It was a big transformation of the upstairs space (see photo below). Opening night was packed and a real tribute to the three Eugene artist's (Rogene Manas, Bev Soasey, & Betsy Wolfston) exhibiting - and also a tribute to the Eugene arts community for coming out and supporting them....Supporting them enough, that they want to come do it again.
So we are reving up for our big love fest, our Valentine's Party, the opening of the Objects of Desire Show this coming Friday Feb 4th.........

Here's a sneak peak of one of Rogene's paintings......

Bev's collages.....

And Betsy's ceramic works......

Spread the love....see you this Friday at Passionflower.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun Wedding Flowers

Some photos I haven't shown you of some kinda crazy body flowers Erin did for a wedding last fall.
The grooms boutonnierre had a little "nest theme"

And she mixed sea fans into the hairpieces.

There was a lot going on - feathers, and eggs, and shells, and seafans, and flowers, and moss

But it all came together in a super fun way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

We had a fun last weekend putting together some photo ideas for the big flower day coming up in a couple of weeks.
It took a few tries.
But as it turned out......the closest, tightest shot was the one we liked the best.....

And it doesn't hurt that the Papaya love u card is so fabulously cute!
We have a slew of all things love like at the store right now.....that means cards and flowers, but also jewelry, things that smell good, and things that feel good too!
Come visit and get your dose of beauty.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Betsy Wolfston Shows at Passionflower

Here's a pic of fellow Eugenean, ceramic artist Betsy Wolfston in her studio. You may not know Betsy but if you live here, you've probably seen some of her public art's projects which grace Kesey Square and the Amtrak station.......They have made our town a more magical and inspired place to live. I would show you some photos here of them but there is nothing out there that does them justice...

I have been loving Betsy's work for a long time. Below a piece of hers I bought several years ago at Karin Clarke Gallery.....it's from a series she did inspired by William Blake's Proverbs......This one is #26 - Excess of sorrow laughs / Excess of joy weeps. I call him Bunny Boy.

I think Betsy likes to work in series (dang how do you spell the plural of series? serieses?). Her work also has a dual nature....it is both approachable and enigmatic - She takes us to a mysterious place by clearly showing us the way.

She mostly shows her work at Opus VII Gallery but last year (and coming up this year too!!!) she did a three person Valentine's show with Rogene Manas and Bev Soasey upstairs at the store. They call it Objects of Desire. Betsy made a series of 64 pieces based on the pentagrams of the I Ching.

And this year she gave me just a sneak peek at what she's working on.

She calls them "floaters" and was almost apologetic about their dark nature.....you know, not what people really expect from her, maybe less "saleable" than other work etc...etc.... I say it's pretty exciting to watch an artist push up against difficult personal questions into uncharted territory.

Really I'm very excited to see what Betsy has been dreaming up for the "Objects of Desire" show which opens first Friday Feb 4 at Passionflower.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Year

I have been frightfully remiss in blog world.....Not sure exactly what happened. I hibernated. I couldn't find the camera. A woodpecker decided to move into the walls of my house. It rained a lot one weekend. And while that all sounds a little dreary I also got inspired by the New Year and the untold promises of spring and reset most of the store which was no small feat. I guess I have been busy bringing in the New Year.....In the meantime so many things to show and tell.
Like this New Year Angel that Jill Cardinal set up for us in the front window at Passionflower.

She is beautiful no? So Contained....

With her blue star wand in her hand and a sunflower to protect her.