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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Passionflower's Show for the Season of Love

I missed the opening of The Objects of Desire Show last year because I was out of town. It was a big transformation of the upstairs space (see photo below). Opening night was packed and a real tribute to the three Eugene artist's (Rogene Manas, Bev Soasey, & Betsy Wolfston) exhibiting - and also a tribute to the Eugene arts community for coming out and supporting them....Supporting them enough, that they want to come do it again.
So we are reving up for our big love fest, our Valentine's Party, the opening of the Objects of Desire Show this coming Friday Feb 4th.........

Here's a sneak peak of one of Rogene's paintings......

Bev's collages.....

And Betsy's ceramic works......

Spread the love....see you this Friday at Passionflower.


  1. Hi Jewel....I'll be looking forward to the Friday opening--and I know it will look fabulous--as always. Thanks for the posting. Barbara