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Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Musings

Welcome to the brand new Passionflower monthly newsletter in which I wax poetic about things that move me and share ideas for things to move you.  It's a kind of what to do in the garden this month newsletter.  Hope you enjoy!  I love January. The excesses of the holiday season are behind us and it's a time of renewal with bare branches, buds, and hints of spring everywhere. January means:

Getting Organized - Get yourself a datebook, an agenda book, download a new app, or buy yourself a big wall calendar, whatever helps you best keep track of things. Janaury is also a great time to contemplate and write down your goals  Or make a goals collage. Or get a beautiful piece of artwork you can look at every day to help you remember them. Plus snow days are perfect for cleaning out that closet or junk drawer.  Click here for one person's experience following Marie Kondo's decluttering program.

Getting Cozy - A warm robe, a cup of tea, toasty socks, and some good books or magazines make for perfect January activities. Also get yourself a new cookbook and try out some fun new recipes.  One of my  2017 goals is to spend Sundays cooking and planning food for the rest of the week. Click here for some fun recipes from our partner in all things salt Jacobsen's up in Portland.

Getting Outside - Just dress warm and do it! My current obsession that gets me outside is birdwatching but simply walking is wonderful. Pick yourself up a little this and that on your walks and soon you'll have a beautiful nature table.  Or pick yourself some branches and bring them inside to force.  Click here for a handy little chart on forcing blooms in the winter.  

Going Shopping - This January is particularly hard for many with the political scene being so chaotic.  Might we suggest a little retail therapy?  Not joking. If any a situation calls for it, this one does. No pink pussy hats at Passionflower but we have a great selection of pink socks from Lisa B. to match those hats.  Put on those pink socks and take the bull by the horns! Click here to shop at your favorite online store! :)  Happy January!