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Monday, June 29, 2009

Other Ways I want to Feel Today

Doesn't He Make You Want To

Frolic in the WoOds on A SuMmer's EVe?

Sunday Kitchen Redo

I've had this lotus vintage shelf paper kicking around for as long as I can remember. On a lark, I decided to use it on my kitchen shelves. Then I ran out, which called for an afternoon haunting vintage stores looking for shelf paper. I found the water lily and the zinnia. All of a sudden my open kitchen shelves went from looking slightly disorganized to downright funky.

The World's Most Tattered Curtains

We are having really refreshing morning breezes and these old curtains I bought on sale at Anthropologie eons ago are so light (as in slowly disintegrating) that the breeze sends them billowing. Must not stay in bed and watch curtains blow in the wind all morning. Have a store to run.

How I Want to Feel Today

A little jewelry collage I put together at the store - Everything about this makes me feel like the ocean. J. Walsh metalsmith amazonite ring, Jill Schwartz velvet bracelet, Lisa MacKenzie pearls, Kotobuki bowl, Lynn Peterson word, and Bella Notte pillowcase.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stunning Wedding Jewelry from Pyrrha and Exstasia

Here's Becky with some beautiful carved antler earrings from Extasia.
Plus her Love/Truth pendant from Pyrrha that she wears every day. We have a great selection of meaningful jewelry for bride or bridesmaid.

Jewelry That Sells Itself

Here's a happy customer trying on some Exstasia Jewelry. Those earrings pretty much sold themselves. They look as if they already belong to her.

On the Hunt Again

I found this little girl's dress while looking for shelving paper at a junk shop. Had to have it -
It sparked something and now I am on the hunt for vintage children's dresses. I'd love to have a whole rack of them at the store. But this is a nice start.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun Nail Polish for your Wedding Day

Your hands are going to be right next to the bouquet, so why not make them all look good together. We love this line of nail polish...you can go crazy or classic.
Here we have this crazy blue color.... could be fun with a blue hydrangea bouquet. We love that Butter London nail polish is also carcinogen free - health and beauty in one


Julianne taught Lindsay how to make corsages - she's using freesia, and ribbon grass, and rooster feathers.

Fluffy Pink Wedding

Pink Wedding in June? We are in the throes of full on garden here in Oregon. It is rose and peony season. And lest we not forget sweet peas and sweet william and coral bells and touches of silver dusty miller and lamb's ears. And good for us it was all local - roses came from farthest away and that was in Portland.

John Derian Likes Roses Too

Here's a poster that came inside the new John Derian Catalogue. Please note - arrival of catalogue is always gleefully anticipated.
I love the cutout paper font. And the big old creases in the paper.

I want to draw all over it.

Maybe I will after I look at it for a while. Here it is tacked to my dining room wall.

Welcome to Passionflower

Here's some shots Becky took of our beautiful front window. That's a big firecracker allium in the center. It came from Chris's garden and will dry beautifully.

Our beautiful friends in the turbans sold us these door hangings from India. Would love to see these in a children's room.

And yes it's true, that's a Quan yin Statue you see sitting behind the curtain. It's a multi cultural world out there.

Do It Yourself Rose Garland

I, along with zillions of other people love roses. I have a rosa rugosa bush in the backyard. Everyday during May and June I picked a handful of big juicy buds and strung them on fishing line. Every time I walk past them I catch the faintest scent of roses. Wouldn't this be fun strung somewhere in a wedding?

Small is Beautiful - Baby Pears

Here's some photos of my pear tree. I love the itsy bitsy baby pear when it's at some kind of miracle stage between flower and fruit. (Seriously lots of people don't know that all fruits start as flowers. ) The top photo was taken about two weeks after the others. You can see the pear has changed colors and is fattening up a bit. These are super charming in flower arrangements.


Body Flowers a la Passionflower

In wedding parlance, corsages and bouttonnieres are called "body flowers". We like to think of them almost like living jewelry. Here's a great example of body jewelry.

Julianne made this beautiful wrist corsage with Karamel Antike rose, double white tulips, flowering pittosporum (from my front yard and despite the name wonderfully fragrant), and ginger colored rooster feathers. The rose was grown in Oregon by our friends at Peterkort Roses. Something about this makes me want to dance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Becky's Boy

I saw this amazing store window posted on ullabenulla. Decided right then and there we needed to have a mannequin. How much do I love this window? A whole lot and the frustrating part is, I can't quite figure out exactly who and where this window came from.
So Becky & I raced right out to the Gottschalk's closing sale (it was the best we could do in our small town) and bought ourselves this lily white young man.

Becky dressed him up in some of our summer scarves from Echo.

We gave him a crown of vintage delights from Tinsel Trading.

Luscious Lilacs for your May Day Wedding

So many brides want to use lilacs and rightly so....they smell divine and are beautiful. May I suggest a late April or a May Day Wedding? You can usually count on lilacs blooming at May Day in Oregon. Here's a lovely white and purple one I gathered in my backyard.

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