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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun Nail Polish for your Wedding Day

Your hands are going to be right next to the bouquet, so why not make them all look good together. We love this line of nail polish...you can go crazy or classic.
Here we have this crazy blue color.... could be fun with a blue hydrangea bouquet. We love that Butter London nail polish is also carcinogen free - health and beauty in one


  1. Cool photograph! Such a pretty blue color. I'm a guy so it's not likely I'll be painting my nails. I might get this for my next girlfriend though. In exchange, I'll decorate myself in some fashion of her choosing. Anyway, I like your blog. I came to it via a photo search for dandelions; That woman's dandelion tattoo (across her shoulder) has my favor. Speaking of dandelions...Best Wishes! Joel

  2. Joel -
    You sound adorable....Why don't you come visit us and we'll play matchmaker and find you a girlfriend you can play dress up with.

  3. Lovely. If we make this kind of nail polish means definitely our wedding will be more funny.