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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Quirky Little Valentine

Who says Valentine's Day is all about white diamonds and red roses? Definitely not us at Passionflower (although there is a lot to be said for the red rose). Here's some ideas off the usual Valentine's radar. In my more cynical moments I might suggest a big ole prickly cactus for the day of love.

But I am not feeling so cynical these days, and think a fleshy, rosy succulent might be more in order.
We're using these glass lanterns (seen above) as containers.....

And for something even more contained we like these nicho frames (in photo above).....you can make a little love collage inside with photos and special things. Not sure exactly why and you are free to psyhcoanalyze but we are really loving everything very contained these days.

And you can cook up all kinds of good things in Lynn Peterson's handmade "Crucible Of Love"
which we think is always a great gift.

Or perhaps your love might like to meditate upon this tantric painting of the hand (which came from an itinerant Indian artist)......

So really this is all by way of saying that love does come in all shapes and sizes....

And it really is the thought that counts....

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