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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday Jewelry Finds a New Home

Here I am sometime in July putting my Susan Goodwin holiday order together. I've purposely been buying a little too much jewelry. Well....too much to fit into the cases we have.

The holidays are coming and we needed a spot to house all the overflow.

Lo and behold this 20 drawer beauty became available. Becky stayed late one night and worked her magic.

She used discontinued curtain samples and packaging material and a little of this and a little of that.

Everything took on it's own little glow.

Here's a beautiful drawer of big jewelry - (from left to right) - two young Korean kids were selling mostly leather handbags and Becky found this piece of jewelry amongst the bags....can't remember their name, Two's company compass necklace, African Yoruba granulated beads with Ethiopian wedding ring pendant, Potluck Paris Necklace, More Quirky Korean Kids jewelry, and tucked up in the corner long necklace of tourmaline and Yoruba beads.

A Jewel Box of Treasures.

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