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Friday, June 19, 2015

My favorite command

I'm on this new kick to work just four days a week during the summer (except on busy wedding weeks) - trying to work more efficiently and have a little more balance in my life.  But you know how that goes with all those blurry lines between art and life and commerce and a few workaholic tendencies thrown into the mix.  Which means that yesterday on my "day off" I had a chance to pursue both my newfound passion for all things letterpress and put on my buyer hat as well when I had the opportunity to visit the lovely studio of Kristin from Twin Ravens Press.  Kristin, as far as I know is the only person doing commercial letterpress in Eugene.  She's got all kinds of fabulousness going on at her place and we could not be more excited about her (Un) Valentine's cards which I picked up for the store.  They're just the right amount of snark and sass.
More to come on all things letterpress.
In the meantime here's a link to Twin Ravens site.

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