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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ode to the Scented Geranium

I have to tell you, it was Ted Kennedy Watson (my pal of the almost  eponymous shop in Seattle)  who first made me stop and take serious note of the scented geranium in all it's magnificence.  That is part of Ted's visual genius.  He makes you stop and slow down and fully consider one thing and just that thing.  He has led me, at various times, to a paperwhite, a piece of petrified wood, a feather, or a snippet of ribbon.  And so it was in part inspired by Mr. Watson that I planted my first scented geraniums this year.  What took me so long?
Besides, brides love them, they hold up amazingly well as a cut, they grow like crazy, and the scents are sublime.   What's not to love?  Did I mention they seem to thrive in lots of sun and not such great soil?
But what has really put me over the top with scented geraniums is that I found a recipe in the  much loved  Greens Cookbook in which you infuse blacberries with rose scented geraniums and something happens that makes you feel more like a magician than a cook.  Stay tuned.

And click here should you like to find out more about scented geranium love and read any of Ted's five or six posts on the subject.
And just so there's no confusion, the white flower (bottom right of the collage) is not a scented geranium, it's a white echinacea.

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