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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Following a Dream

This post is way off subject from the normal subject of this blog which is all things Passionflower like clothes, and  jewelry and  flowers and  living well and beautiful things for your home but I had to share these photos of my friend Ritta's daughter,  Carrie,  releasing baby barn owls at King Estate Winery.  I am in complete awe of this young woman and the amazing work she does.  Carrie rolled a lot of burritos for her mom, worked night shifts, slung pizza, and even did a short stint at Passionflower, all the while holding out for her dream of working with wild animals.  And let's just say that Eugene is not exactly bursting with job opportunities in this field.  But she worked hard and kept her eye on the prize and now she works at Cascades Raptor Center and  helps rehabilitate injured birds and return them to the wild. WOW!

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