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Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Great Shopping Find in Seattle

During the long days journey into the world of creating the website (see previous laments about this endeavor here)  I found myself perusing the web for images to send my designer of things I really dug.  This one from Seattle based Marigold & Mint  just really stood out and seared itself into my brain.  It's so familiar and yet so not what we are used to seeing on the computer screen. Imagine my delight when friend Heather, she of the delicate and distinct eye, took me to their little hole in the wall shop (well actually "hole in the corridor" would be more accurate) at Melrose Market in Seattle.  We found cards and cookbooks and delicate foil garlands from Japan, and porcelain so thin it might break if touched.  I loved it.  Anyone who describes herself as "inspired by....... objects ranging from the scale of a spider's web to that of a star" as owner Katherine Anderson does,  is bound to have a most excellent store. Put it on your list.  And click here to see what Food & Wine has to say about Melrose Market.

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