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Monday, July 16, 2012

Passionflower Website Has Arrived

Okay, I can hardly believe I'm writing this post.  Our new website is live.  You can go to it by clicking here.
In fact you would be doing me a huge favor by going to the Passionflower site because we are apparently going to lose all our search engine rankings while we switch over and the more traffic
(that's you - you're the traffic) the better.  Also if you want to give us any feedback about glitches, or kinks, or things that work or don't work for you, that would be much appreciated.  This is the longest project  I can ever remember working on.  The site was made in 1999 (not joking) and had not changed too terribly much since then.  I will not go into the number of missteps I made, but suffice it to say I learned a lot and in website world things seem to become obsolete within minutes.  I hope to not wait fifteen years before the next revamp. We aren't doing online sales yet, but look for that next along with lots more flower, plant, and wedding photos.  In fact, our plans include adding a curated shop of seasonally changing objects for sale and also taking flower orders on line.  My deep thanks goes to the great team of folk who helped me with this site including Michelle Nicholson, Thomas Dick, & Nate York.  It never would have happened without them.  It's hard to capture the essence of Passionflower in forty online photos and some text but I think we did it!!  I hope you enjoy the site.

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