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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chocolate Love for First Friday

We have some great customers at the store who, every now and then, bring us goodies.  Top on the list of beloved gifts are CD's (amongst which we find one of the store all time faves Rod Stewarts' Great American Songbook - who knew?) , champagne, and yes sweets!  And  top amongst the sweet givers is our pal Davey Wendt.  When he's not masquerading as our occasional handyman, he's busy whipping up chocolate confections for Rye Restaurant.  You can see their  chocolates list here.  And, enfin, finally we've put together a little event which is happening First Friday.  Davey is going to demo chocolate tempering and talk about combining flavors.  I have always wanted to dip strawberries in chocolate and I think dried pears dipped in chocolate would be exquisite.  But I had a bad experience in my youth and have always been a little wary. So please join us and learn the secrets and taste some chocolate goodness too.  Plus shop some Valentine goodness too.   
photo courtesy Rye Restaurant

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