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Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Last Wedding of 2013......

 Why do I love these photos so much?  Well, first off the flowers are gorgeous!  It was an impromptu little wedding, the bride sort of bought the flowers off the rack if you will, coming in and picking what we had in the cooler just a few days before her December wedding.

 Taylor did a massively beautiful job with the bouquet using a big white kale, bright red roses and ranunculus, red amaranth, eucalyptus, fringey white tulips and some other lovelies.

 Plus they just look so darn happy!

But what really makes these photos special to me is that I know they were taken at the top of Spencer's Butte.  And if you live in Eugene, you know that it's no walk in the park up Spencer's Butte.  It's not too far, but it's pretty steep and always involves a little cardio.  Thankfully guests only had to walk partway up and then after the ceremony, the photographer and the couple walked to the the top.  My guess is, by the time they got there, endorphins were kicking in, adding to a little of that wedded bliss.  Notice the big mud spot at the bottom of her dress?  And  those aren't three inch heels peaking out from under her dress either.
Congratulations you two, those are some beautiful photos you have and  I know you worked hard to get them.
I predict a long and happy marriage.

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  1. Love this SO MUCH!! Everything about it. A wonderful life ahead for this darling couple!