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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Table Tips

I love setting a table.  And I love entering a room with a beautifully set table and all the promise it holds.  And I love eating at a beautifully set table.  And I even like the aftermath!  And so with Thanksgiving coming up wanted to share a little table inspiration.  I am of the pre planning school.
I like to start thinking about and assembling things ahead of time.  (photo above shows me putting a few things together that I might want to use for a homespun holiday table).
First let's start with the must haves:  flowers and candles - personally I love lots of little votives down the table.  Candlesticks are also a nice option because they give you some height.  And flowers, well they're the life force on your table.  Think outside the box, leaves, fruits, nuts, berries plus flowers all fall into the "life force" thing. 
Linens count too.   Cloth napkins are the minimum.  I like a runner.  But I've been known to use really cool pieces of wrapping paper or brown kraft downt the center of a table.
And then there's the details.  I like to have a pitcher on the table, whether you're decanting red wine or pouring orange juice, pitchers let you stay at the table, pour for your guests, and there's just something graceful and
charming about serving or being served.
Every table needs a little sparkle which is where glassware can come in  - I like to use tall champagne glassed as vases for flowers.
Salts are fun and each guest can have their own little one set in front of them. (Food hygiene police at my house insist on this).
Party favors at each places setting give people something to do...give everyone a fortune, or a sparkler, or a mask , or a hat, or you get the idea.
In short, get a headstart on the game which allows you to really savor the details,  have fun, vary your heights, don't worry about matchy, match and always go for a little something unexpected to delight and amuse the guest.
And finally, enjoy yourself!

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