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Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Shadow Self

It's been cold around here.  Really cold.  Like I'm hoping my jasmine which is supposed to be hardy to around 20 degrees is going to make it kind of cold.  Despite the temps,  there's still a few things to be foraged from the yard for Thanksgiving flower orders : some cotoneaster with their bright orange berries, huckleberry, boxwood, and  twigs of spirea.
(not to mention the purple callicarpa berries and larch cones that Chris brought in ).

And lo and behold, on my way to work yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving, the sun was out and I 
saw my shadow on the wall and snapped this pic which says just about everything I would ever want to say about how very, very grateful I am to live with all of you on this beautiful planet that we call home.
And another thing it says to me, is that , whenever things get tough, (and it has been a little rough  lately) I can always draw sustenance and nurture from my connection with nature. As long as I have that I just know everything is going to be allright.
A most excellent Thanksgiving Day to you and yours.

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