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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Starting to have a thing for Purple

I made some grape juice the other day....it was super fun and easy although ultimately a little sticky.....I just piled the washed grapes in a steamer and let it do it's magic.  And there was a little dionysian mystery involved as the first batch came out, what my friend described as, looking like paintwater when she watercolors.  That's code for muddy greyish, greenish, brown....and then the second batch came out looking like.....well pretty dang delicious. I could go on and on and thank goodness this blog is providing an outlet, as I have been banned from discussing any  more of the intricacies of making grape juice at my house.  And I think I've developed a fondness for drinking grape juice warm!!
Plus wondering how lovely it would be to drink the grape juice from this Juliska pressed amethyst  glass goblet?  Which begs the question, how exactly do the utensils you use while dining change the experience?  Off to work as I ponder the question for the day.  And fairly soon here, we shall be finished our fall reset and shall have some photos for you.
top photo courtesy Ms Becky Tonkin and bottom photo courtesy Juliska

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