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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dreaming a Little of Summer

Sometimes photos really can take you back - like right now I'm dreaming about this warm summer day at Chanticleer Garden just outside Philadelphia, close to where I grew up.

I pretty much like anyplace that has koi. 

And who knew pond scum could be so beautiful?

 It's a well endowed, small, public garden with twelve groundskeepers.  Each of them gets their area to nurture and do as they will (well not exactly like that but there are distinct personalities).  It's  a little quirky with bathrooms fashioned after Japanese teahouses,

 fields of nerine lilies,
 little fairy boxes with plant lists inside, fieldstone staircases, and cottage gardens. 
 Plus, as I recall, nothing is labeled (hence the plant list boxes)....which I like in a garden.  I find all those tags and names and reading just highly distracting in the garden. 
There's a little something whacky about it and yet  it's really classic too (hello lead mullioned windows on balcony).  I'd go back again.  Maybe at a different time of year.  Come to think of it, would be fun to do a whole tour of gardens of Philadelphia.


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