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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I did on a Saturday in May

A perfectly lovely Saturday working the store yesterday.  It all started with Alison bringing me a bag of salad greens from her yard.  I love days that start out with little presents.

 Then we sent out some drop dead gorgeous flowers for graduation at U of O Law School.  My floral crew really outdid themselves and these pics don't do them justice.  They had bearded iris and moonstone peonies in them -  both flowers which have petals that are so paper thin, they're almost etheric. And both of which are only in season for a few short weeks right about now.

Then lots of people in the store when it first opened and  I sold a $400 suzani to someone who really got how fabulous it was.  That always makes me happy.  After that I spent entirely too much time fawning over my new English elderflower drinks from Belvoir farms - reading about them, trying to decide where to display them and how much to charge, taking photos etc......decided to wait until staff meeting to have a little tasting so I'll let you know about that later.

Try on clothes with artist friend, talk to really sweet Mormon couple about their wedding flowers, help a woman find a box to keep her colored pencils in when she travels, listen to cool customer tell me about visiting a bonsai grower in the Florida panhandle, check out the new Cooking with Flowers book that Lila is unpacking,  meet the mom of one of my favorite customers who tells me a super sweet story about her grandsons playing basketball - all the while fluffing and primping the store.  It's days like these I love being a retailer.

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