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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Joys of a Nice Long Bath

 A big ole grey
 and moody and cloudy memorial day to all....the weather has been un peu crazy around here.
Like last week Portland was one of the coldest places in the continental US.  Something about a blast of Arctic air.  Which makes it perfect time for a bath. 

Morning or evening, baths are divine luxury.  And I pity those of you who are shower only people.  You know not what you miss.  A few handfuls of salts or a cap of scented oil in the bath can be transformative .  And it is possible I have rarely written about the joys of the bath on the blog.  How can that be?

Also I must have candles....lots and lots of candles...even on  a holiday which somehow celebrates the coming of the summer season.  Because that's how we swing with things here in the Pacific Northwest - while it's summer in the rest of the country, we take long, hot baths.  (and love them)!
Hoping for a change in the weather soon. :)

top photo courtesy k hall designs

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