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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pussywillow magic

For some people it's daffodils, for me it's pussywillow - the harbingers of spring.  I guess I'm a little impatient and pussywillows always come before daffodils.  I like to keep  a few willow sprigs in water in my house. And they always send out little rootlets.  Pussywillow, indeed all willows, have lots of rooting hormones in their bark. They're so easy to propogate.  And it feels a little like magic.  Great project for children to take a pussywillow cutting, watch it root, and then plant it!

 A favorite customer, who also was a kindergarden teacher, taught me this little rhymer she would do with her class.  She'd ask each  child to close their eyes and would rub a pussywillow down the side of their face  while saying, "Close your eyes and do not peek, and spring will dance across your cheek"....
That sounds pretty good.  I'd like spring to dance across my cheek.

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