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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Almost Ready to Go


Did you know I'm going to Mexico?  Oaxaca City and environs to be exact.  You can read all about it here.
It does a girl a world of good to get out and see the world a bit, to shake it up and maybe see and think about things that never occurred to you.   I'm going to make art and seek out some old churches and walk a lot and (big surprise here) do a little shopping.

I'm hoping to find a lot of these fun hand embroidered aprons.  Here's Becky wearing one I brought back for her last year!!!  Someone called it a pinafore, which I think is exactly right,   If the shopping gods are smiling upon us, I hope to also have some vintage huipiles (clothing shirts) and cushion covers, and some contemporary table runners.  Plus that certain something out there waiting for me that I don't even know about yet.  But I hear it calling to me.  Stay tuned.  We'll be having a big textile showing on First Friday in April and I'll be showing off my bounty from the Mexico trip.

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