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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What to Do with All those Photos

The nice computer man came to help me work through some glitches on my laptop.  He somewhat incredulously pointed out to me that I had 15,000 photos in My Pictures.  Without missing a beat, and whipping out my handy calculator, I figured that I had only averaged a mere 15 photos a day in the three years I have owned a camera.  Barely an infatuation, let alone an obssession.  Nonetheless, it did occur to me I might want to do a little cleaning up of my photo library. Hence I am going through old photos and finding some things I had forgotten about.  Like the little prayer flag above that I made in Jill Cardinal's class at Oregon Art Supply. 

Or this fun shot of a John Robshaw textile in the window of ABC Carpet & Home.
Stay tuned for more random shots from my photo archives.  And any thoughts on organizing photos greatly appreciated - because, in truth, despite the mildness of my obsession, I'm kind of drowning here.

1 comment:

  1. A butterfly!

    So pretty.... what a neat class that must have been