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Monday, May 28, 2012

Great Jewelry for Graduation Gifts

 If you are looking for a gift of jewelry say for graduation, or for one of your bridesmaids, or another celebratory or meaningful occassion, it really doesn't get any better than a piece of Pyrrha jewelry.

                       We have a great selection at Passionflower right now with lots of new pieces.
And here's a link   to a sweet interview with the founders of Pyrrha should you like to know more about this jewelry line which has proved an enduring best seller because, well, because people know really truly beautiful things when they see them.  It has been a pleasure to see the ways in which so many folks have claimed these pieces and gave them their own very personal meanings. 

And should you wish to get a feeling for how they make these beautiful pendants
check out this great video -

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