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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was really excited to get my workshop catalogue from Sitka Center this week....Sitka is on Cascade Head (which is a protected area just north of Lincoln City that has one of the last of the spectacular native coastal meadows on it ) and they offer all kinds of workshops on art , writing, & natural history.  It's really fun to dream about all the different classes to take.  Paper embossing, nature journals, kayaking, and calligraphy were all the things I was interested in but what really got me excited was this writing class with Kim Stafford where we work on writing blessings.......which just seems completely out of left field for me....but that's the one that made my heart beat a little faster.  So I'm going to try and pay attention to that.
Click here to find out more about Sitka Center.


  1. Hi Jewel-We have a home in Neskowin, just North of the Sitka Center. You are spot on when it comes to describing how special the Sitka Center is and how amazing and wonderful Cascade Head is. The vistas, the wildflowers and wildlife are hard to beat. The Native Americans believed that Cascade Head was sacred ground...they were right.

  2. Dear Unknown
    I first went to Cascade Head almost thirty years ago when my amazing botany teacher Bert Brehm took me there. I will never forget emerging from the woods onto the coastal meadow and feeling myself a child of god with the world as my playground. It is a very special place. thanks for sharing