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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Peek Inside Someone's Home

Magazines delight the voyeur in all of us.   Which is why it was so much fun to find Laura Zindel's home featured in the October issue of Country Living.....Laura is a Vermont potter whose work we've been carrying at Passionflower for about two years now.  

They describe her home (above) as "nature inspired"....we like that.

Here's a display of Laura's snake designs that we've been featuring for our Fall Halloween look....I love how the cream and white of the plates looks dramatic and stark but when you pair it with natural wood and earth tones  it feels all warm and cozy.

I think her snake designs are some of her strongest....the high graphic, almost escher like quality of her work with a very organic pattern makes them really sing to me.

And if snakes aren't really your thing, well there's always her crows....mixed with feathers, ferns and eggs....All Laura's designs are transferware of original images she draws with graphite.
I love it when fine art and utilitarian ware blend so beautifully. 

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