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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Favorite Color......

Another comment on the Country Living cover.....there were those amongst us at Passionflower who had some harsh words to say about the toile covered pumpkin, but I paid them no heed....it was actually the mustard colored quilt pattern on the white pumpkin that caught my eye.  Call it golden, call it amber, call it mustard or "moutard" if you will, but I am seeing this color everywhere and liking what I see especially when I see it backed up with white.


  Star witness number one to my new love affair with mustard, this beautiful backstrap loom woven runner I brought back from Teotitlan de Valle in Oaxaca.....to me it's a timeless piece with a great folk arty vibe..... and it lightens up the whole room while still being very mellow.                                                                                                             

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