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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Letter from Frida Kahlo

I'm down in Mexico and was happily surpised to stumble upon a series of letter from Frida Kahlo to her doctor (first photo above). I was surprised how tidy her handwriting is - plus Frida rarely crossed out a word and she didn't doodle much on her letters either.  Of the 15 letters I read, only one had a little doodle of an airplane on the outside where it said par avion.Plus, she always signed her letter in a most charming fashion..

Got me to thinking how much the written letter really means and how special it is to get a handwritten letter. And so I've included a cryptic piece of calligraphy to inspire you (and me) to make our handwriting more beautiful...plus Margaret Shepherd's great book which is a staple at the story is always there to nudge you along should you feel you need a little help.....this is all by way of saying I hope I am able to find the time to write a few handwritten notes down here in Mexico.....
click here, should you want to see some lovely handwritten notes that have made me happy.....

middle photo courtesy russian calligrapher marina marjina - i was unable to link to her site but here is a link to her flickr album....it's worth a look if you like calligraphy....

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