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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love Getting Mail

Real live comes to you by the postman kind of mail.
Who wouldn't love finding this on their desk?

Inside a pack of postcards and a note from my friend Kathy Brock.
Kathy is a little bit of a gypsy peddler.
Over the years I have bought handmade bird jewelry, stunningly gorgeous Turkish textiles gathered by Kathy herself, vintage finds from Kansas, not to mention moorish jewelry, lanterns, and clothing. We first met when she volunteered at People's Food Co-op. She has been a student of the Tibetan language and she is a collage artist and cat lover.

Hopefully, I'll take a field trip to her house sometime soon.

I love that she leaves a lot of space in her work.

I think she doodles, draws and paints over images she has collectd.

I love the beating heart/dragon imagery conjunction. However the rat in the top left corner made me a little nervous.

So I cut out my favorite part and put it in a little photo/paper box on my desk.

I think I'll buy those postcards for the store.

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