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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Retail Therapy at Terrain

If it weren't for blogging I never would have discovered one of the most inspiring stores I've been to in a while. Sara at Saipua (which by the way is my go to blog for great flower shots) wrote about a store called Terrain in Pennsylvania. Hmmmm, I was in Pennsylvania and I think a trip such as this is just what GPS systems were made for. I had high hopes as the store came well recommended. I was not disappointed.
Words and photos cannot do the experience justice.

It was whimsical.

It had high drama.

And quiet beauty.

It was part garden center/hothouse -

part kitchen store - part apothecary.

Kind of like Etsy met Smith & Hawken on steroids.
There was total attention to detail, a strong point of view, and some really great buying going on.
A little googling and I discovered Terrain is the love child of the Anthropolgie/Urban Outfitters visionaries. Of course it is. Click here if you want to go to Terrain's site but don't be disappointed because (like so many stores), the site is just a faint shadow of the store itself.
Nonetheless, I almost never encounter a store I really love and this was it.
Thank you Terrain for giving me something special.

1 comment:

  1. So gorgeous! What an inspiring visit. We are quite lucky in Eugene to have our very own combo of the best parts of many of these great boutiques from around the country, at Passionflower. Keep soaking it all up and sharing.