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Monday, February 22, 2010

Going to the Big City

Becky & I went on a buying trip to Seattle a few weeks ago. And yes, we do go to stock up on amazing goodies for the store but we also go to, well......just to go....to be somewhere else - to look at things a little differently.

One morning, Becky spied this cute little lamb sign -hmm....

1818 is a long time ago.

We looked up to see that lambikins is the logo for the venerable tailor Brooks Brothers.

Next day we looked in the window.

Gotta love those pincushions that look like tomatoes.
It was a beautiful old time display.

And then Becky gave me a little lesson in tailoring - specifically different techniques for making the collar stiff. I love looking in store windows......especially in the big city. Inspires me to make our front window really amazing too. You never know who might be looking in.l

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