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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Passionflower February Newsletter - An Ode to All Things Grey

February is always a crazy month at the store with Valentine's Day. Thank goodness, because, otherwise these dark, cold, dreary, grey, rainy days of February in the Pacific Northwest can really get me down.  I'm currently obsessing on grey which is probably due to the weather. Since I'm in a grey mood I thought I'd direct you to this pinterest page of all things grey.

 Some high notes from February - We had a couple of great write ups in the Eugene Wedding Magazine. Loved that this gorgeous bouquet Taylor made (above) got it's own page. 

I took a break from the New York show and went to Las Vegas Gift Show and found all kinds of awesome goodies for the store. Saw lots of neutrals and greys. I think this year it's either going to be all neutrals or lots of color. Click here for Elle Decor's pithy little blurb on color trends for 2017.

One of my favorite things I found in Las Vegas were these 90 hour hobnail candles. We've been carrying hobnails for just about ever it seems but they brought back an old scent nag champa in a beautiful grey shade!
If you're under 50 nag champa may not have the same connotations as it does for me, but it is a sandalwood based incense made famous by just about every guru and hippie burning it in the 70's. Click here to read more about the plants that go into making Nag Champa.    Get yourself as many candles as you can muster and try turning off the light bulbs and having an energy fast one night a week.

And the February madness was a reminder that a girl cannot survive on sweets alone! I've been taking one day a week and cooking up a storm which give me food to eat all week long. Actually seems to be working. I'm eating better and saving money. Plus a little self love is always a good thing. And in keeping with the grey theme, click here to see images of grey food!

Plus finally these locally grown Weber's parrot tulips remind me that spring really is just around the corner.  Come in and find some lovely blooms or branches to bring a little bit of spring into your house and dispel those dark grey days.
Yours in all things grey!

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