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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Year and A New Sign

It's a New Year and we got a new sign!  Such a hopeful time.......My Passionflower gratitude list :

1) My  customers - seriously, there's nothing like the real look you in the eye, have a real conversation, help you find something wonderful, brick and mortar retail experience. I love my customers and have been blessed to have so many amazing ones over the years! You are literally what feeds me, on so many levels.

2)  My employees - with whom it
 would not happen.....they are really what keeps this whole merry go round spinning. In my grumpy moments, I feel like they have added years to my life, but the truth is, I think they've kept me young at heart and have taught me so much. 

3) My vendors, many of whom I have done business with for years and years.  I don't know how you do it, continuously reinventing yourself, finding new product, and yet staying true to your beautiful selves. I salute your creativity, vision, and hardwork. 

4) My bookkeeper who cares and feeds for the beast, keeps me legal, and gives it her all.  

5) My neighbors - many of you for decades now and some of you brand new, without you there would be no community. I love being part of our downtown and love all of you for sharing the vision.

6)  Well I know this was going to be my top 5 but with gratitude, once you start, it just seems to come spilling out....basically grateful for any and everyone who has ever walked through the door (except possibly you shoplifters) - you are too many to count, everyone who has contributed in some little way to the store...it means so much  -  - we're not feeding the hungry or saving the world, but we are engaged in the day to day act of commerce creating community and ties that bind and each and every one of you is part of that fabric. 

Thank You!

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