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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Feeling all full of words of wisdom in my old age....and here's something I wish I had known twenty years ago:  You're only as good as your team, you're only as good as the people you surround yourselves with.  Case in point, the lovely Sara Blasi (in the coral dress above) who, you may remember, worked for us a couple of years ago. Sarah has gone on to be an extremely successful freelancer in Portland (trust me, easier said than done) and has had her work featured on a slew of wedding blogs and magazines plus Buzzfeed listed her as a florist to follow!  So how about that?  Could not be prouder of her.  She has a joie de vivre (that's joy of living for all you non francophiles out there) which comes through in everything she does.  Her images on her blog and instagram are always insanely inspiring.  And I feel so happy to have had the time to work with her.  Check out Sarah's blog right here and prepare to be amazed by her uber romantic, blown out flowers, and unstructured style.

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  1. wow Jewel! Thank you! It means so much to hear this! I feel just as much gratitude towards you and the time I spent working with you. You encouraged me and believed in me and taught me so much! xoxo