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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How I Came to Love Instagram

Are you into Instagram?  I wasn't for a long time.  Everyone kept telling me, "You've got to get into it. It's really fun.  It's more creative fodder than you'll find on Facebook.  It will be good for your business.....etc...etc...etc".   And all I was thinking was, "Oh vey, one more thing to do."  But what can I say,  I am a sheep and follow the herd even if I am sometimes late for the party.  I was dabbling, testing the waters.   And then what happened was I saw some instagram feeds on an ipad (instead of the little teeny images on a phone) and I was hooked.  It's just a fantastic source of inspiration.  Way past eye candy.   And it's a lovely little curated, voyeuristic glimpse into just about any world you might be interested in.  In my case it's flowers and interiors. But maybe you want to know what they're up to at the Louvre, or follow your favorite creative type, or want to know more about indigenous textiles in Peru.  You get the idea. One thing I learned is that, apparently, I am drawn to a lot of Australian designers and florists. There's some very cool things happening down under.  You can click here to see Vogue Living's list of 25 Australian designers to follow on Instagram.  And you can  click here to see Passionflower's instagram feed too. 
Happy Hunting!

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