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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back Home

Uh oh....I went to Mexico and forgot all about you my little blog.  Well also my computer  fritzed out when a massive rainstorm  (I think she was called tropical storm Olivet) blew onto my very well covered from above, but still unprotected from the elements when the rain is blowing sideways really hard, keyboard.  And so,while I had limited cell phone action, I still wasn't so plugged in computerwise.  No netflix, no facebook, no blog. It was kind of wonderful.  I spent a lot of time walking and talking to people and did some journaling and printmaking but mostly got really excited about drawing.  May I recommend drawing to the entire world as a means of slowing down and looking and noting and creating order and  world peace?  Dare I dream too big?  Seriously, how about if we all sit down and draw together?  And color things in too.  
Couldn't have been happier to come back to Passionflower and see it all so beautiful.
Ready to color it in and have a fantastic holiday season.

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