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Friday, August 15, 2014

Same Bouquet, Three Different Backgrounds

So my friends, this is where all the magic happens.  It's our little photo studio, otherwise known as the back alley behind Passionflower.  (See that cute little plant growing through the concrete, isn't that amazing?)  But I have to admit, I have never loved the terra cotta color of the building.  Well I actually like the color but it's not really the best background for taking pics of flowers.  So, Taylor went out one slow afternoon and  painted a few more backdrops in the alley.  She painted a green, a cream, and a grey.  And now we get to play around and try out things like same bouquet three different backdrops.

We did a little informal facebook poll and the grey for sure wins the day. Everyone loves it because it pops.
Well and because the flowers are so gorgeous.

And then there's the green.

But I  kind of love the cream background because it washes everything out and makes it look so etheric.
Having fun playing with color.

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