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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gardening Tips from a Long Time Amateur

A few things I've learned about gardening over the years -
1) Plant where you can see it a lot, everyday, all the time  Because the more you look at your yard, the more engaged you are. Consider the view from your windows in your house. In my case, I can see my garden beds from my kitchen window where I spend a lot of time and since they're right on the side of my driveway, I see them everyday when I come and go. But maybe it's your front steps or back deck that you gaze upon a lot.

2) Pick a theme and stick with it.  In my case, I picked rustic cottage so I outlined the beds with alder logs and I planted lots of herbs and old fashioned flowers. Plus I left some of the grasses in the rest of the yard unmowed to give it a little bit of the wild, overgrown look.

3)  Always plant at least a few edibles in your flower beds.  They're just one more reason to get you  out in the yard.  Here's some chamomile growing amongst the peas.  I've been enjoying drinking  fresh chamomile tea these days.

4) Resist all voices that tell you gardening is a chore.  Delight in everything, even the weeds.
Happy Gardening.

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