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Friday, May 9, 2014

Live and Learn

If you're a gardener, and you live in Eugene, you have, no doubt, as have we at the store, been commiserating with your other gardener friends about the plants you have lost, the plants you are waiting to see if they will come back, and the plants that did, surprisingly, survive. Because we had that serious cold spell last winter.  The coldest it's been in the thirty plus years I've lived in Oregon.  I lost my perennial fuschia and my beautiful jasmine vines!

And I lost all my dusty miller plants which won't be too hard to replace but will take a while to grow back.

But the real tragedy is the loss of this big, beautiful, gorgeous New Zealand flax that was just perfect in it's oak barrel pot.  Still, no matter, that is the interesting thing about gardening, it's never the same year to year.  And there's always something to learn if you just pay attention.  This year, that freeze gave us the opportunity to learn about what really survives in a colder clime.  Tough lesson, but a good one.
Because, next time, I'm moving the big beautiful pot of flax into the garage!

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