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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Susan Goodwin Jewelry Comes to Town

 The ever talented Susan Goodwin will be joining us for a trunk show next Friday at 2 and her work will be up until Saturday afternoon.

 Word on the street is that Susan has radically changed her display and I had a little sneak peek when I visited her in Carlton.  It's ephemeral and incorporates photographs.  Susan not just a great jeweler.
She's a talented artist who has spent most of her adult life living off the fruits of what she creates with her hands.  I have so much admiration for people who do that. Just stick to their one thing and ride with it as far and long as they can - constantly re-inventing themselves and, at the same time, staying true to who they are.

I always find something lovely for myself. And hope you come and find something lovely too.

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