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Monday, April 14, 2014

Passionflower Turns Twenty

It was twenty years ago today.....well I'm not sure if it was exactly today....but it was close to this time that Passionflower had our official opening party.  The very first ever Passionflower party. I remember because it was near Easter.  And I rented a big Easter Bunny outfit and talked a friend into wearing it. (I like a little drama at a party!)  And, for years afterwards, a young child named Marlow, son of some art professors, would come in the store and ask his Mom where the bunny was.  And my mentor, Elaine Falbo, my inspiration, my beautiful, hippie friend who channels Tasha Tudor, brought me glorious branches of white native dogwood.  And I saw the dogwood blooming the other day so I knew it was about now.  It was the little store down at the train station.  And there was a double rainbow during the party which we all went outside to ooh and aah over.  I have a picture of that somewhere. That was when you had to go get film developed.  And my Dad and my stepmother came out and took us all out to dinner in the little tiny dining room at the old Jo Federico's.  Twenty years is a long time.  So many people have passed through the door as friends and customers and employees and people we do business with, or some fluid combination of all of that. So many. And so many things have passed over our sales counter and, I hope, made your life more beautiful and contemplative and fascinating.   I just love being a shopkeeper and I have all kinds of mystical notions of what that means, which I will spare you from today, but suffice it to say, thank you each and every one of you for being a part of the whole Passionflower party.  Happy Birthday to us, All of Us!

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