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Sunday, April 27, 2014

One can Never Have too Many Vases

I pulled out a bunch of  vases and assorted containers when the Register Guard was coming out to shoot their story on spring flowers and thought I'd share with you.  Clearly, I like curves and I like the country vibe at my house.  And  I like pitchers and I collect vintage pottery and I always like to use repurposed pieces like the milk bottle and the growler.  And I always love, love a container with a narrow neck.  Plus the basket is super special as it's all hand peeled willow and handwoven by my basketmaking friend Elaine Falbo who has a charming little shop in Portland called Bella Flora Studios. It's the perfect May Day basket shape.  I am definitely of the school, one can never have too many vases, but I find myself going 
to these same ones over and over.  Except for the growler.  I'm still experimenting with that one!

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