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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making Nice Nice for the Register Guard - Ode to Spring Flowers

 Colin Andrew from the Register Guard came out to my house for a photo shoot today.  They're doing a story about picking flowers from your yard for spring bouquets.  I wanted to stay true to the story and not stress out about it too much.  So I made sure we had a little spot on my porch to take pics and then I went out and picked some flowers in the morning. Simple as that. No pumping it up with big hothouse garden roses or other exotics. A little trust in Mother Nature experiment.  Doesn't hurt that the lilacs have just begun to bloom.

I put a group together of whatever spring like vases I had around the house.

 Colin came out and took the pics.  A couple of me tra-la-la ing out in the apple orchard and then he said my yard looked like a park, which pretty much made my day.  And then I put a little bouquet together for him.

 Okay, I guess it wasn't so little!

And then there was a big mess to clean up and onward with the rest of my day.
Kind of a fun way to start the workweek.

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