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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Floral Revelry

We thought it was pretty exciting when this came across our feed:  apparently the ladies from Little Flower School in Brooklyn are coming out our way to teach a design class on working with bearded irises.  They're teaching it at Schreiners -  you know the fabulous iris gardens you see blooming in May,  just north of Salem when you drive up 1-5. We're lucky that way, us florists in Oregon.  We have world class rose growers, and iris, and peony, and hydrangea, and dahlia growers too.  So I think it's great that this talented duo is coming out here to show off some of our Oregon flower love. They're really inspired by the Dutch masters and in fact, Sarah from Saipua (one of the teachers) did my favorite wedding flowers I saw online all year which you can see by clicking here.  Can you guess which part of this wedding was my favorite?
The class is wicked pricey - think a spa weekend in Portland with some fabulous meals thrown in as well.  Still, if you have the inclination, I bet you'll learn a lot and be inspired.  (And who can put a price on inspiration?)  So, if you go, find out for me, which iris it is that smells like root beer.  Because, besides being a ruffly confection of color variations, bearded iris also have amazing scents.

Photo courtesy Little Flower School

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