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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ring Out the False, Ring in the True

Lovely little New Years Brunch with my artist  pal and compadre Jill Cardinal.  The meal was completely inspired by the purple anemone. We drank homemade grape juice, put up on  a sunnier day in the fall, dined on french toast and sausage, looked at a book about Surrealist women artists, dreamed about our art tour to Mexico, set a few intentions or two and then had a short walk through the filbert orchard.  Most excellent way to start the New Year. 
There are so many rich  New Years  traditions around the world,  from the  German people "reading" the signs in molten lead to the Japanese climbing a mountain to see the first sunrise,
all people want to mark the turning of a new leaf.

And should the New Year be leaving you feeling inspired and creative, you might perhaps want to check out some art classes Jill is teaching at Oregon Art Supply by clicking here.
And may the New Year shower you with untold blessings that you cannot yet even imagine.

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