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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Joy of Eggs

I have been known to spend copious amounts of time researching the best ways to hard boil an egg.
And my egg obsessed friends and I once had a taste off with chicken, duck, and turkey eggs. And we can all agree, there is really nothing quite like eating a farm fresh, soft boiled egg for breakfast. And because, it's that crazy shade of terra cotta orange, I just had to have this lovely cookbook for the store and I think for me too.  How To Boil an Egg seems like it belongs on the shelves of any serious cook.....or anyone who raises chickens....or a kid just starting out ...or anyone who likes simple, basic, rustic cooking.  And once I get through it, I may change my mind but for now I'll stick with Deborah Madison's tips for hard boiling an egg: bring the eggs (doesn't matter how many) to a boil in water for 1 minute, turn off heat and cover for 6 minutes, then plunge in cold water.  Works like a charm, everytime.

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