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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Figalicious Love

Remember I promised you some more fig happiness?
It's my new favorite tablecloth in the store.  Not that we haven't had it before.  It's just that it has moved into favorite position.  Because, in between dreaming of grapes, it's figs that have captured my imagination.  And a big thanks to Tiffany Norton, from Party Dowtown, who took me even deeper into that  figalicous dream world.  I brought her a whole slew of figs from my tree.  She halved them and roasted them, drizzled a little honey and put a dab of creme fraiche on top plus a  mint leaf
and we served 'em up at our Becky Going Away Party.  How cool is that?  You bring the chef food from your garden and they cook it up for you.  Gotta love Eugene.
bottom photo courtesy Couleur Natur

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