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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fleshy Fruit and other Tales of the Dubious Flowering Fig

I haven't been blogging much.  Because it's summer.  And I cannot lollygag about the house drinking morning brews and tapping away because.....well dang it's hot and I'm spending a lot of time watering and opening windows and turning on fans and closing windows and moving sprinklers and picking figs and plums and chilling with my houseguests   And , well,  you get the picture.  Plus I haven't been using the camera much lately either.  Like at all.  I can barely remembered the last time I picked up a camera.  So you'll have to settle  for  a picture of figs from last year.

Figs are one interesting plant, They're odd in the world of flowering plants because they flower on the inside (you know how most flowers open up , well figs, kind of open inwards when they flower) and they're pollinated by a tiny wasp that goes inside the budding fruit.  They're a kind of flower that never sees the light of day.  Which is odd. Really odd.

  It's a good year for figs and I'm getting a spectacularly good early crop.   I'm going to try drying some in my convection oven and using them in granola.

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